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Carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning. Fabric protection.

Specialists in cleaning leather upholstery and rugs.

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Upholstery Cleaning

The Carpet Cleaning Company use safe modern cleaning solutions on your upholstery which gently break the bond between the soil and the fibre where it is then removed quickly and powerfully. Stubborn stains and ingrained dirt will be easily removed, leaving your home clean, fresh, dry and ready for use in no time.

The gentle process does not harm the fabric and there is no risk of shrinkage. Most suites take less than 4 hours to dry.

As  there is no dirt attracting residue, your furniture stays as clean as new for far longer. Hard working and quick drying, the Carpet Cleaning Company is just what you need around your family home.

About Our Service

We clean your upholstery using a thorough deep-extraction method together with some of the most advanced cleaning solutions available with today’s technology, including one of the  “greenest”.
Safe for you, your family and your pets.
We aim to ensure your upholstery is ready to use as soon as possible, typically less than 4 hours.  We can also apply fabric protectors to help guard against spills and stains becoming permanent.

Leather Specialists

We offer a leather cleaning and protection service which is carried out completely by hand using specially developed solutions to ensure complete safety of the material. 

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We can remove most stains and spills plus we can apply protectors to help stop it happening again.